Data Management

GeethikĀ  consistency in performance of audit programs of our customers is a testimony to our quality. Our team enters information quickly and accurately to ensure clean claims. Our team works in several areas:-

Patient Demographics:

Timely and maximum reimbursement is a critical factor totally depending on accurate entry of demographics and charge information. Critical error due to clerical lapses is given utmost priority in order to tackle issues at the onset using six sigma methodologies. At Geethik, our team of dedicated personal enters information quickly and accurately which is highly essential in ensuing that this critical issue is timely resolved for the success of ensuring clean claims and high productivity.

Charge Capture:

At Geethik, we do charge entry as a part of the healthcare revenue cycle management services. Since we have prior experience in handling different renowned medical billing software and several medical specialties, we start with the process directly, saving staff training time and effort. We pre-define account specific rules in charge entry for different medical specialties which reduces the room for errors and contributes to clean claims.

Payment Posting:

At Geethik, payments received from patients & insurance companies are posted to the patients accounts in the client’s medical billing system. The posted payments are balanced against the deposit slips to ensure accuracy in payment. The payment posters also check for any under payment being made to the accounts. We also do electronic posting of payments in to the medical billing software and ensure that the EOB files are stored for future references.

Data Validation:

Our Data validation team validates the information that is captured in the data fields in the various systems is complete and accurate.

Accounts Receivable:-

The largest and normally the most significant asset of all healthcare providers is their accounts receivable. At Geethik Healthcare, our Accounts receivables management function is designed to be the complete solution to difficulties that occur in your cash flows and is operated as an extension of your business section. The goal here is to recover the funds owed to you as quickly as possible by continuously work on identifying and improving processes that can improve efficiencies at each step of healthcare revenue cycle management while meeting the industry’s best practices.

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